Beer games: 5 options for having fun and socializing anywhere

Sharing a good beer is always handy when meeting new people or bonding with your loved ones. To make it even more festive, play these five beer games at your next gathering.

Even if your group prefers beer tasting at local breweries or loves a perfect pint crowned with a beer head, an occasional drinking game can help bring people together and get the party started.

Classic home beer games

The following beer games are best suited for home parties, as you will need some supplies.

1. Beer pong

Beer pong requires a flat surface, Solo cups, and ping pong balls. People divide into two teams, each with a group of Solo cups set in a triangular shape. Fill every cup with 1/3 of beer and take turns attempting to land a ball in the opposing team’s cups from an established distance. If a member of your team achieves it, all the members in the other one must drink (Peterson, n.d.).

2. Flip cup

Fill Solo cups with 1/3 of beer and place them in two opposing rows on a table. Players need to drink the beer and then flip the cup from the table’s edge into an upside-down position on the table. Once they accomplish it, they can move on to the next cup. The one who finishes first wins! (Jalan, n.d.).

3. King’s Cup

You will need a deck of cards, a cup, and a beer for every player. Put the cards face down evenly in a circle, with the cup at the center. During their turn, players take a card – each one implies a specific action. For example, picking a two allows you to select someone else to drink. In the case of king cards, when the first three kings are drawn, the corresponding players pour some of their beer into the cup at the center of the circle. Whoever draws the fourth one loses the game and must drink the King’s cup’s content. The game is over when all cards are drawn (Baker, n.d.).

Beer games
Beer games

Beer games for every setting

Other beer games (See also: Beer Festivals) are more flexible and can be played anywhere, like at a pub or even at beer festivals. Therefore, the next time you go on the hunt for the best sour beers or the latest IPA innovation, try one of these games.

4. Paranoia

This is a simple game. Players take turns to whisper a question in secret to the person on their right, and it must be answered aloud. If someone wants to know what the question was, they must drink (Cosmopolitan, 2020).

5. Most Likely

Sitting in a circle, players take turns asking the group a ‘most likely’ question. You can think, for example, “Who is most likely to get traffic tickets?” Each person must drink as many sips as they have fingers pointed at them (Buxton, 2018).

Beer has the power to bring people together to have a good time and these games are no exception!


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