5 Top beer cities to visit in the U.S.

Beer is still the most popular drink in America. The number of breweries across the United States is at the highest point ever and it’s the smaller breweries that are really growing in number. Globally, the U.S. is leading the way in the craft or artisan beer scene. There are many cities which could be considered top beer cities in the U.S.

A great way to learn about the beer scene in America and to experience the different beers is to go on a beer tasting tour. Beer tours are available all over America. According to Trip Advisor some of the best beer tours in the U.S. include craft beer hubs like San Francisco, Boston, Brooklyn and Denver. These are also some of the top beer cities to visit in the U.S.

5 Top beer cities to visit in the U.S.

The following cities are known for a fabulous craft beer scene and great breweries.

Portland, Maine

This city has a long history of microbrewing. It is also known for its superb local brewing institutions. Allagash is considered to be one of the most memorable breweries in Portland, Maine. Along with Shipyard, this brewery is said to have kick-started the Portland craft beer craze.

Most popular beer: Allagash White, a Belgian-style wheat beer.

Portland, Oregon

This city is nicknamed “Beervana” and is no doubt one of the top beer cities in the U.S. (See also: Beer festivals). Home to more breweries than any other city in the world and hosting at least one beer festival every month, it lives up to its name. Hopworks Urban Brewery and bar is an “eco-brewpub” offering a vast selection of organic beers. It is powered with 100% renewable energy. Quench your thirst with the award-winning organic Hub Lager. If you’re looking to learn more about local breweries head to Bailey’s Taproom.

Most famous beer: BridgePort IPA made Portland an IPA town 20 years ago.

5 Top beer cities to visit in the U.S
5 Top beer cities to visit in the U.S

Fort Collins, Colorado

This cool college town lies an hour north of Denver and is one of the trendier beer cities. Visitors can find brewery tours and samples at the many breweries in the town. You can try experimental  beers at Odell Brewing Company.

Must-try:Odell IPA.

Madison, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is well-known for beer brewing. Madison city is filled to the brim with great brews. Ale Asylum offers a great Belgian-style IPA – Bedlam – and you’ll find a top-notch Midwest Indian Pale Ale at Karben4Brewing.

Crème de la crème:The top-rated beer is Frampaars, with a rating of 4.2/5, unique to Funk factory Geuzeria brewery. It is a blend of Lambic style beer that was aged in used French oak wine barrels. It was then re-fermented with purple raspberries. Here is a complete list of the top 20 rated beers in the Madison area according to ratebeer.com.

San Diego, California

This city has been called the “Craft Beer Capital of America”. San Diego county brewers pioneered San Diego Pale Ale (Double IPA). They also host major beer festivals like San Diego Beer Week. It has a long list of popular breweries and there are great craft beer tours on offer. Some of the breweries are well-known, while others are up-and-coming. You will be able to explore both the longstanding and the hidden gems.

The Crown Jewels: Top craft breweries in San Diego.

San Diego’s best IPAs: West Coast IPA is the double IPA which helped “put the West Coast on the map”. Proudly brewed by Green Flash Brewing Co.

Why not make good brew part of the focus of your next vacation. You could try hit a beer festival or if you prefer, go on a beer tasting tour. Whatever you choose, have a blast exploring one or all of these top beer cities.


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